Picture Our New President!

Ready? Set? Draw!

LearningRx—the largest one-on-one brain training company in the world—is giving away $100 cash AND a matching donation to a local school or teacher on behalf of one student (age 5-18) who submits the best illustration of President-elect Joe Biden. The winner’s illustration will be permanently added to the U.S. Presidents picture-graphic that every LearningRx client uses to improve their memory and visualization skills. What’s a LearningRx picture-graphic, you ask? Let us explain!   

One of the very first things that every LearningRx student masters is the ability to recite the names of all 45 (soon to be 46!) U.S. presidents in the order they served in office. They do it using a cool memory picture-graphic that combines silly pictures and fun associations to help “picture” what they want to remember in the order they need to remember it … whether it’s a list of presidents, baseball statistics, or the order for calculating a math equation!

And now, with the upcoming inauguration of President Biden, we need to add a new image to our presidential picture-graphic. Here’s how it works:                      

Below, you can see what recent presidents Johnson to Trump “look like” in our memory game. The first thing you see is a yawning sun. When you say “yawning sun” out loud, it sounds a bit like “Johnson”, doesn’t it? The yawning sun getting nicked (Nixon) by a Ford (Ford) balanced in a cart (Carter), beneath which is a ray gun (Reagan) shooting at a bush (George H.W. Bush) holding up a clothesline for hanging a clean ton (Clinton) of clothes. The other end of the clothesline is tied to another bush (George W. Bush) from which an “O” llama (Obama) is eating a leaf. The llama’s back leg is on home base, where a TR-umpire (Trump) is calling him “SAFE.”

And now we need to illustrate our 46th president, Joe Biden. Do you have any ideas? (And if you’re not artistically-gifted, enter anyway! Our graphic artist will be creating the final artwork to add the winning idea to our graphic, so what we are looking for most of all is great ideas!)

To enter the contest, follow these steps:

Post your image to your Facebook wall with this sentence: “Hey @LearningRx! Here’s my new president image #learningrxBiden”.

We will send you a confirmation that we have received your submission via direct message. By the way, this promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered, or associated with Facebook. You understand that you are providing your information or the owner of this Facebook page’s information to LearningRx and not to Facebook.

If you do not have Facebook or do not wish to post on Facebook:

Download the entry form here.

Complete the form with your drawing and contact info. Scan the form (or take a photo of it with your phone) and email to: [email protected]

For full contest rules, click here.

P.S. – Want to see this visualization procedure in action? LearningRx students are able to run through the list of presidents’ names forward, backward, while distracted, and even while multitasking! It’s impressive. See kids using this technique to name the presidents despite some pretty extreme distractions!