Siblings improved focus and self-management with brain training at LearningRx Costa Mesa-Irvine

Name: Leo & Anna

LearningRx Center: Costa Mesa-Irvine, CA

Chief Concerns: focus, organization, self-management

Real-life Improvements: 

LearningRx would like to give a huge “shout-out” to Leo and Anna from Costa Mesa, CA. Leo and Anna moved to the U.S. from Korea and were struggling. Their school counsellor referred them to LearningRx.

Leo had struggles interacting socially and would hardly maintain eye contact. He had lots of negative self-talk, while Anna would be sometimes aggressive or defensive towards her classmates if something went wrong. Watch their video to hear about their experience with LearningRx Brain Training:

Their assessments showed that they both had many strong cognitive skills, but each student showed a slight weakness in one area: Leo was very strong in the higher thinking skills but lower in his automatic processing skills, like processing speed and attention. That was the reason why he felt detached from the world around him, despite how bright he was. Anna also scored high on all cognitive skills except logic & reasoning. That was the reason why it was hard for her to problem solve and her frustrations were often displayed as aggression.

James enrolled in a ThinkRx program where he and his trainer worked to close the gap in his cognitive skills, working on his attention, processing speed and working memory. After the program he felt more connected and was able to process the world around him. He is now able to maintain conversations, makes great eye contact and follows instructions without frustrations or negative self-talk. 

James’ mother, father, and nanny all report great improvements in his social interaction and he became much happier being able to share his thoughts and feelings and ability to engage in conversations. This helped him dramatically in his social life, interacting with his peers and making new friends.

After completing her ThinkRx program, Anna was able to problem solve, negotiate and make sense of her world. She became much kinder to her classmates, calmer and more emotionally mature.

Congrats Leo and Anna, We’re so Proud of YOU!

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