ESL Student experiences significant improvements after brain training at LearningRx Costa Mesa-Irvine

Name: Henry

LearningRx Center: Costa Mesa-Irvine, CA

Chief Concerns: struggling grades caused by language barrier

Real-life Improvements: reading skills improved, better comprehension, improved grades, interest in extracurricular activities

LearningRx would like to give a huge “shout out” to Henry from Costa Mesa, CA. Before his LearningRx program, Henry had recently moved from China to the U.S. Henry is a bright student and he was an A-student in school in China. After moving to the U.S., he realized that he was not able to maintain the same grades. He is also a great athlete and a guitar player. Although his athletic abilities stayed strong, his mom was concerned that his progress in music and in academics was suffering. Check out this video to hear Henry describe his experience:

At his initial assessment, Henry scored very high on all his cognitive skills except for Auditory Processing, which was the barrier to acquiring the new language easily. It was also why his progress in music didn’t meet their expectations despite the commitment and the continuous training on his guitar. 

Henry completed a ReadRx program that greatly improved his English, improved his pronunciation, comprehension and accordingly all his grades. He is happy that he is now capable of speaking and reading more fluently and maintaining his grades across the board.  He is also enjoying his guitar classes and practicing more, as it has become easier for him.  

Congrats Henry…We’re so proud of YOU!

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