LearningRx Costa Mesa-Irvine’s Student of the Year showed outstanding improvements and greater confidence

Name: Ahlam

LearningRx Center: Costa Mesa-Irvine, CA

Chief Concerns: poor focus, low confidence, struggling in school

Real-life Improvements: increased confidence, able to advocate for herself, taking part in a mainstream classroom

Before LearningRx, Ahlam was struggling in all aspects of school. She was on an IEP (Individual Education Plan) but couldn’t meet her goals. Her mom tried everything but wasn’t finding hope in anything she tried. 

Ahlam’s school administrators and teachers were always recommending accommodations and compensations, but her mom was determined that Ahlam would be able to overcome her struggles and wanted to empower her to meet—and exceed—her goals. One of the biggest goals Ahlam’s mom had for her was to be able to advocate for herself and find her voice to defend herself from bullying. 

After her ComprehendRx program at LearningRx, Ahlam and her mom gradually started to see improvements. Ahlam is a wonderful girl who wanted to do her best constantly. As most of Ahlam’s cognitive skills were on the lower side, she often needed breaks during training when she began her program. Gradually, she was able to maintain focus and increase her goals during training. She also met her goals in school and teachers were surprised and excited. 

Towards the end of the program, she exceeded her academic goals, where she was able to maintain a place in mainstream education. One of her biggest achievements is that she found her voice and was able to advocate for herself with her teachers and friends. 

Now that she has graduated from her LearningRx program, Ahlam able to speak up and explain what she thinks and feels. Her confidence has skyrocketed and her mom is very happy. She knows her daughter can be safe and independent on her own.

Congrats Ahlam…We’re so Proud of YOU!

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