Costa Mesa-Irvine, CA student noticed shift in inconsistent grades and frustrations after LearningRx

Name: Seth

LearningRx Center: Costa Mesa-Irvine, CA

Chief Concerns: inconsistent grades, struggle with focus, anxiety in math, homework struggles

Real-life Improvements: improved memory and information retention, better focus, math is easier and is less distracted during homework

LearningRx would like to give a huge “shout out” to Seth from Costa Mesa, CA. Before LearningRx, Seth had trouble with attention and focus in the classroom. He would tune out and miss a lot of the teaching. His grades were inconsistent and his parents were concerned and wanted to get to the root cause of this inconsistency. Seth always felt anxious when it came to math and didn’t trust his abilities. Although he had a great vocabulary, his reading and word problems were a great struggle. 

According to Seth and his family, homework time was a nightmare! He was always procrastinating and he needed complete silence to focus and get it done. When things were challenging, Seth would easily become frustrated and give up. This affected his confidence in a big way. Check out Seth’s story:

Throughout his brain training program, Seth felt improvements that boosted his confidence and he felt more capable of expressing himself. His memory became stronger which helped him retain information, focus better in class and be more consistent with his grades. He mentioned that math became easy and his father is happy that he now does his homework independently even in the presence of distractions or loud noises.

One of his biggest achievements now is his persistence and confidence in conquering any new challenge without hitting frustration levels or shutting down. 

Feeling more independent, capable and confident, empowered Seth to take himself to another level where he also joined and completed the StudyRx program, for a head start to the next academic year.

Congrats Seth…We’re so Proud of YOU!

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