Costa Mesa-Irvine, CA Student reviews improvements in memory, focus, and reading skills following LearningRx training

Name: Aaron

LearningRx Center: Costa Mesa-Irvine, CA

Chief Concerns: memory, focus, and homework struggles

Real-life Improvements: reading skills improved, better attention, improved memory and grades

LearningRx would like to give a huge “shout out” to Aaron from Costa Mesa-Irvine, CA. Before LearningRx, Aaron struggled in school with his grades and reading was a nightmare. As reading is a life skill, it affected all aspects of his academics. Many of his cognitive skills were high in his initial assessment, but his long-term memory and auditory processing were weak. Aaron struggled to focus in reading, writing and following verbal instructions.  Check out this video to hear about Aaron’s experience:

Following a ReadRx program at LearningRx, Aaron closed the gap on his weaker cognitive skills (long term memory and auditory processing). His grades improved massively and consistently. He can recall and remember much easier and reading became so fluent where it unlocked many areas of his life. He worked hard and had lots of fun with his trainer. His parents are so happy with his progress and are connecting to him so much more.

Aaron says, “when I started, I didn’t remember many things. On tests, I got a B or below. LearningRx changed that and my main point is that, if you have trouble remembering things, you should go to LearningRx. They fully supported me the entire time. The activities were fun and interactive and very hands on. I had improvement in many areas and now I remember things much easier. I would recommend LearningRx to everyone!”

Congrats, Aaron…We’re so Proud of YOU!

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