Middle Schooler improves grades & confidence with LearningRx Brain Training | Chattanooga, TN Review

Name: Josie Attardo

LearningRx Center:Chattanooga, TN

Chief Concerns: lack of confidence in school and on tests, difficulty with organization and studying

Real-life Improvements: increased confindence, improved grades, on the honor roll

LearningRx would like to give a huge “shout out” to national Student of the Year finalist and first runner up, Josie Attardo from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Before LearningRx, Josie lacked confidence in school: she struggled with tests, homework, and participating in class. Prior to LearningRx Josie had tried a lot of tutoring programs, but none of them were able to make lasting improvements. Her confidence was low and she found schooltime to be very stressful. Josie enrolled in a LearningRx brain training program and finally had the help she needed to succeed! Check out her video to hear more about her amazing results.

Student improved school performance and study skills with LearningRx Brain Training

Josie’s trainer had this to say about Josie’s training experience: “No matter what happened in her day prior to training, she always came into the center with a good mood and was ready to work.

“Since day one of training, Josie showed determination and has achieved so many goals. [Josie shared with me that] on her final report card, she brought all her grades up to A’s. Through her excitement and astonishment, she shared this was her first time making all A’s on her report card.

“Working with Josie has been an extremely pleasant experience. She has not been anything less than a delight. I have enjoyed getting to know her and about her family, her school experiences, and her goals and aspirations. I am very proud of all her hard work and accomplishments and I know that she is proud of herself for the same reasons.”

Congratulations, Josie! We are so proud of you.

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