Career Adult Student Reviews Best Way to Manage Attention Issues and Anxiety | LearningRx Costa Mesa, CA

Brain Training Has Reduced Anxiety and Distraction at Home and Work

Name: Kornelia

LearningRx Center: Costa Mesa, CA

Chief Concerns: difficulties focusing, inability to stay on task, anxiety

Real-life Improvements: decreased anxiety, improved focus, excited about the future

LearningRx would like to give a “shout out” to Kornelia from Costa Mesa, CA. Before LearningRx, Kornelia struggled to stay on task. She often tried to multitask but would get distracted in the middle of a project, which was affecting her emotionally. Kornelia felt like she was failing in work and at home, as she felt pulled in multiple directions. She completed a 60 hour program with LearningRx. Watch Kornelia’s video to see how her life has changed!

For more information on brain training for adults, visit or call 866-BRAIN-01.

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