ADHD Student is Ready for College after LearningRx Training | Raleigh, NC Review

After Worries that he Wouldn’t Graduate, Student of the Year Accepted to Top Choice College

Name: Wesley F.

LearningRx Center: Raleigh, NC

Chief Concerns: Attention struggles, low motivation, incomplete work, inability to follow directions, poor memory, bad grades

Real-life Improvements: accepted to top choice college, improved grades, confidence

LearningRx would like to give a HUGE “Shout out” to our 2019 Student of the Year Winner, Wesley from Raleigh, NC. Wesley struggled through much of elementary school. Wesley went through some treatment for ADHD and it didn’t produce the results Wesley needed. According to his mom, Wesley “never recovered from sixth grade.” By high school, he lacked motivation and wasn’t keeping up with his peers. He struggled to follow directions and he was failing tests, even after hours of studying. Wesley had big dreams of attending college at North Carolina State, which seemed out of reach until LearningRx. Check out Wesley’s video to hear how things have changed for him since his one-on-one brain training program!

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