LearningRx Student works with family to improve reading skills | Brookfield, Appleton & Green Bay, WI Review

Student and grandma trained together to improve reading fluency and confidence in the classroom

Name: Melanie

LearningRx Center: Brookfield, Appleton & Green Bay, WI

Chief Concerns: long-lasting struggles in the classroom, reading

Real-life Improvements: confidence, reading fluency, improved willingness to participate

LearningRx would like to give a huge “shout out” to Melanie from Wisconsin. Beginning in first grade, Melanie’s parents noticed that she was struggling, but they were told by the school that she would likely grow out of her difficulties and catch up. She continued to struggle for a few years, and that’s when Melanie was tested at LearningRx. Once they saw the results of the assessment, they decided to enroll Melanie in a program where she would do some of the training at the LearningRx center, and some of the training with her grandma. Melanie and her grandma would compete in activities and Melanie would always win! Her reading fluency has improved since she completed the program and she is much more willing to participate in school and try new things. She has also started cooking more because she is able to read the recipes! Melanie says “I feel like I am out of the shadows. I’m in the classroom like a regular person.” She would recommend the program to anyone who is struggling and whose parents are trying to “make them do something they don’t know how to do–no offense to parents.” This program has clearly made a difference for Melanie and her entire family! Way to go, Melanie! We are so proud of you.

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