First grader reviews improvements following brain training | LearningRx Eagan, Savage, Woodbury MN Review

After ADHD diagnosis, mom seeks help for son

Name: Max T.

LearningRx Center: Eagan, Savage, & Woodbury, MN

Chief Concerns: attention, focus, disruptive in class

Real-life Improvements: 

LearningRx would like to give a “shout out” to Max from Minnesota. In kindergarten and first grade, Max struggled to listen and focus in class. His first grade teacher recommended an evaluation and he was diagnosed with ADHD. Max’s mom, Theresa had a co-worker mention LearningRx and they had Max assessed and decided to try LearningRx. They didn’t want to start him on medication, and felt that brain training would be a good alternative. Max was shy at first, but then really enjoyed his training at LearningRx! After seeing the learning model and realizing that LearningRx is designed to treat the root cause of learning struggles, rather than just mask symptoms, she was convinced that LearningRx was the right choice for Max. He noticed that he is able to really listen to his friends now, whereas before he would hang out with them and not really hear what they were saying. Max’s teacher has reported that he can complete his work independently now, and that has carried into the home as well–it has improved some of his behaviors and he’s able to do more on his own now than he could before. Way to go, Max! We are so proud of you.

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