Son with ADHD: This is different from anything we’ve tried | LearningRx Eagan, Savage, Woodbury MN Review

Unlike Tutoring or Pills, one-on-one brain training makes huge impact for student with ADHD

Name: Carson B.

LearningRx Center: Eagan, Savage, & Woodbury, MN

Chief Concerns: ADHD diagnosis, struggling to get thoughts onto paper, comprehension, organization

Real-life Improvements: increased confidence, better organization, improved comprehension

LearningRx would like to give a “shout out” to Carson from Minnesota. He is just over halfway through his one-on-one brain training program at LearningRx and already he and his mom have seen great improvements. Carson was diagnosed with ADHD and was struggling with his schoolwork. His attention wasn’t necessarily the root of the issue; in fact, he was struggling to write anything down or keep himself organized. He struggled to process information and get ideas onto paper. Rather than just relying on tutoring or pills to improve attention, Carson’s mom brought him in for an assessment and he began a brain training program. Carson loves his trainer and looks forward to his sessions! He has even had the opportunity to show his sister some of his new skills and the fun activites he does during his sessions. He’s very proud of the work he’s doing at LearningRx and he takes ownership for his program. After just a few weeks, both Carson and his parents are noticing a difference–even his reading is getting better! Way to go, Carson! We are so proud of you–and can’t wait to hear how things have changed when you complete your program!

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