Dad discusses daughter’s improvements after brain training | LearningRx Eagan, Savage, Woodbury MN Review

Student no longer complains about learning following one-on-one program

Name: Jessamyn T.

LearningRx Center: Eagan, Savage, & Woodbury, MN

Chief Concerns: no desire to learn

Real-life Improvements: learning is fun now, improved visualization, beats her sister in strategy games, improved attention

LearningRx would like to give a big “shout out” to Jessamyn from Minnesota. Before brain training, Jessamyn showed very little interest in learning. Anytime her mom or dad tried to teach her anything, she “flat out refused” to try. She was so different from her older sister that her parents worried they wouldn’t be able to get her through high school because she struggled with even basic concepts. Jessamyn’s dad met Rich, the owner of the LearningRx center in Minnesota, and was intrigued when he would describe the changes his students experienced after one-on-one training. Jessamyn loved her training at the center and learning all of a sudden became fun for her! Jessamyn’s dad remembers when she would come home after learning the Presidents using a visualization procedure. He was very impressed with her new skills! She seems much more attentive now at home, and she also “crushes her older sister” at chess and other strategy games. Jessamyn’s dad says it’s because she is able to visualize the whole game board and think multiple moves ahead–all skills she improved during her time at LearningRx. Jessamyn is more engaged now and even enjoys reading! Way to go, Jessamyn! We are so proud of you.

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