2019 Presidents Day Contest: We Have a Winner!

The time has come to announce the winners of our annual Presidents Day Contest! Our winning videos all demonstrate divided, selected and sustained attention, and they are, of course, visually interesting – funny, silly, impressive, interesting, cute, and compelling.

“This is one of the first things we have students master in our brain training programs,” says LearningRx Chief Research and Recruitment Officer Tanya Mitchell. “It quickly strengthens long-term memory, attention and other cognitive skills, and it also gives a big boost of self-confidence. Many of these kids have struggled in school for years, so when they can quickly learn all the presidents they finally feel smart and confident, often for the first time ever.”


2019 Presidents Day Contest Winners Announced!

Before we announce this year’s winners, take a minute to watch all of our AMAZING students as they recite all 45 presidents while playing instruments, riding on hover boards, playing baseball, and more! LearningRx trainers are so proud of each of their students when they memorize the presidents during their brain training programs. Adding in these silly, fun distractions is just icing on the cake! We are so proud to present this year’s compilation video:

And without further ado….

This year’s third place entry comes from Jack in Atlanta-Buckhead. Jack recites the Presidents while playing Fur Elise on the piano. Great job, Jack! Check out his video here:

Second place goes to Christina from Atlanta-Buckhead, GA. Christina impressed the judges by reciting the presidents while completing some incredible flips and kicks on a trampoline! You can see Christina’s video here:

And finally, our first place winner for 2019 is Connor from Chattanooga, TN. Connor wowed the judges with his incredible sense of rhythm! Connor put the list of all 45 presidents to a steady rhythm on the drums – and he kept that beat with his recitation, as well! Great job, Connor! We are in awe of your skills. You can see Connor’s amazing video here:

To see even more AMAZING videos, click here!

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