Mom reviews brain training for daughter with attention struggles | LearningRx Charlottesville, VA

4th grader completes brain training program and avoids medication for ADHD

Name: Ayda

LearningRx Center: Charlottesville, VA

Chief Concerns: attention, focusing in class, working memory, short term memory, processing speed,

Real-life Improvements: greater ability to focus, no longer disruptive to classmates, good grades

LearningRx would like to give a “shout out” to 10-year-old Ayda from Charlottesville, VA. Ayda’s mom started noticing that she was easily distracted and had a hard time focusing when she was 4, and that inability to focus followed her into school. She was beginning to disrupt her classmates and her mom feared that she would start to lose her confidence. By 4th grade, Ayda’s mom was considering starting her on medicine for ADHD, but her pediatrician recommended she try LearningRx first. Ayda went through 24 weeks of brain training to improve her skills, including working memory, short term memory, and processing speed–all of which were weak on her initial assessment. At her most recent parent teacher conferences, Ayda received her best report yet–teachers noted that she was much less disruptive, that she was completing all of her homework, and that they could tell she was absorbing more of the classroom material. Ayda’s mom knows that building up her weakest skills has allowed her to access her stronger skills and will set her up to keep her love of learning and maintain her confidence as she enters higher grades. She notes that LearningRx is a big committment, but it’s well worth it! Way to go, Ayda! We are so proud of you.

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