Student improves grades with one-on-one brain training | LearningRx Short Hills, NJ Review

Tutoring did not help with school struggles; family turned to LearningRx for help

Name: Sam

LearningRx Center: Short Hills, NJ

Chief Concerns: struggling in school, not completing homework, tutoring wasn’t helping

Real-life Improvements: improved memory and attention, better grades, excelling in classes

LearningRx would like to give a “shout out” to Sam from Short Hills, NJ. At 12, Sam was struggling in school and found himself unable to complete his homework. He tried tutoring, but his parents realized it wasn’t a problem that needed to be retaught, but rather something else. According to his mom, now that he’s been through training, “there’s no more problems.” Homework is easier, and Sam can keep up in class and answer questions correctly. His grades have gone up and he is doing better in his classes, and he has more confidence in himself! Sam really likes that brain training was able to help him with all the parts of his brain, whereas tutoring can only help with one or two subjects. Sam has also noticed that he has improved attention in class and that he can memorize information more easily. Way to go, Sam! We are so proud of you.

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