Family discusses impact of brain training on reading struggles | LearningRx Indianapolis NE, IN Review

3-level increase in reading following one-on-one brain training!

Name: Callie P.

LearningRx Center: Indianapolis NE, IN

Chief Concerns: reading struggles, feeling “stupid”, struggling in school

Real-life Improvements: confidence; math and reading both became easier, made honor roll

LearningRx would like to give a “shout out” to Callie from Indianapolis, IN. Callie’s mom brought her to LearningRx because she was struggling with reading, thought she was “stupid,” and that her brain wasn’t working. After trying the special reading group in school as well as after-school tutoring with her teacher, Callie had a cognitive skills assessment to determine if any underlying skills were causing the reading struggles. Sure enough, Callie’s auditory processing was weak (that’s the number one skill needed for reading). Callie went through 6 months of brain training at LearningRx, and saw great improvements! Her math and reading both got easier–she went up three levels in reading and made the honor roll! Callie’s mom says, “you hear the term ‘life changing,’ but until you experience it… I mean, it really IS life changing.” Callie, we are SO proud of you! Thank you for sharing your AMAZING story with us!

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