73-year-old physician fights memory loss with brain training | LearningRx Charlottesville, VA Review

Family physician seeks brain training to combat the signs of aging: brain fatigue and memory loss

Name: Samuel C.

LearningRx Center: Charlottesville, VA

Chief Concerns: memory loss and brain fatigue caused by aging

Real-life Improvements: improved memory, easier time recalling information, confidence in his ability to remember

LearningRx is thrilled to share the story of Dr. Samuel Caughron, a 73-year-old physician from Charlottesville, VA. Dr. Caughron has been attending LearningRx for about 6 months, in hopes of maintaining his mental sharpness with his patient population. He has noticed that his ability to recall information (things like passwords and lock combinations) has improved, and he is more confident in his brain’s ability now. Samuel says, “I always wondered why we spent so much time studying disease, when really what we would like to be able to know is how can I stay healthy so I don’t end up having the problems in the first place.” LearningRx provides both children and adults the opportunity to assess their cognitive skills, identify any weaknesses, and then strengthen those areas to increase fluency and ability. In Charlottesville, about one-third of the student population is currently baby boomers! That is because LearningRx one-on-one brain training has a significant impact on Mild Cognitive Impairment, which is the first stage of Alzheimer’s disease. Thank you to NBC 29, Dr. Caughron, Dargan Coggeshall, and the entire LearningRx Charlottesville team for sharing this amazing story!

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Full video transcript can be found at NBC29. 

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