Can LearningRx Impact Chemo Brain? Eagan, Savage, Woodbury, Maple Grove, Eden Prairie, and Shoreview, MN Review

Elizabeth experienced 17-point increase in IQ, improved memory after LearningRx Brain Training

Name: Elizabeth P.

LearningRx Center: Eagan, Savage, Woodbury, Maple Grove, Eden Prairie, and Shoreview, MN

Chief Concerns: following chemotherapy for Stage IV Lymphoma, decreased memory, disorganization

Real-life Improvements: 17-point increase in IQ, able to quickly recall words from memory, no longer uncomfortable in profession

LearningRx would like to give a huge “shout out” to Elizabeth from the Twin Cities (Savage, MN). 8 years ago, she was diagnosed with Stage IV Lymphoma and underwent 12 rounds of chemotherapy over the course of 6 months, which led to “chemo brain.” As an attorney, she didn’t want the longlasting effects of chemotherapy to impact her ability to do her job. Elizabeth heard about the success of fellow LearningRx graduate, Ben Utecht, and the results he had after multiple concussions in college football and the NFL, and decided to give brain training a try. She found the other students in the center motivating, and wanted to set a good example for the kids around her. She completed her program over three years ago, experiencing a 17-point increase in IQ, and the gains she made during her time at LearningRx have stayed with her–she’s never gone back to feeling overwhelmed or unable to remember what she needed to say. According to center director Rich Frieder, the intense mental exercises completed during a brain training program are customized to strengthen weak cognitive skills–and those exercises actually cause changes within the brain. We are thrilled to report that Elizabeth has been in remission for the last 7 years, and are so happy to be a part of her story. Way to go, Elizabeth! We are so proud of you!

If you or someone you love is struggling with a traumatic brain injury caused by chemotherapy, sports-related injury, or a car accident, please visit to find the center nearest you. As Rich says in the video, you may not have to live with your “new normal.” Call your local center to learn more!

LearningRx would like to thank Twin Cities Live for this amazing Student Shout Out.

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