LearningRx Savage, MN High School Grad Reviews Brain Training Experience from 3rd Grade: Results are Long Lasting!

Elle is headed to College as an actor; Mom was told never to expect her to read before LearningRx

Name: Elle R.

LearningRx Center: Savage, MN

Chief Concerns: as a third grader, Elle’s mom was told not to expect Elle to ever be able to read

Real-life Improvements: 4 years reading improvement, improved grades, able to tackle any school subject, heading to college for Theater and Music

LearningRx is thrilled to present Elle’s story of long-lasting results from her brain training program! Elle was first interviewed by Twin Cities Live in 2013, a few years after she had completed her brain training program to help with reading difficulties. At that time, she had jumped 4 grade levels in reading and Elle had learned to love to read. TCL caught up with Elle again in 2018 — 5 years after their original interview — to see if Elle’s brain training results had lasted the test of time. Elle and her mom both believe LearningRx is the only reason that Elle is currently enrolled in St. Olaf college for her freshman year, with plans to be an actress. As Elle says, there’s no way she would be able to read and remember lines in order to be an actor without LearningRx. Her mom is confident that LearningRx is the reason Elle is on this path! Huge thanks to Twin Cities Live and Elle and her mom for this amazing story!

(all footage is © Twin Cities Live and is used with permission)

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