Does Brain Training work for ADHD? Teenage LearningRx Student Reviews Results

Teenager was headed down the wrong path; brain training helped with ADHD symptoms caused by repetitive TBI

Name: Kip M.

LearningRx Center: Colorado Springs, CO

Chief Concerns: Attention, behavior problems at home and school, impulsivity, not completing/turning in homework – caused by childhood traumatic brain injury

Real-life Improvements: 18-point IQ increase, no longer has symptoms of ADHD, completing homework

LearningRx would like to give a huge “shoutout” to Kip from Colorado Springs. Prior to LearningRx, Kip was experimenting with drugs, racing cars, and struggling in school. According to Kip, ” [I’m] lucky that I have not been arrested and that I’m not dead, because some of those things could have added up to it.” Kip was enrolled in a brain training program through the Gibson Institute of Cognitive Research as part of a study looking at the impact of brain training on individuals diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Kip’s ADHD symptoms were likely caused by a traumatic brain injury he sustained as a young child. Following his brain training program, Kip saw an IQ increase of 18 points – from 114 to 132 – and according to the lead researcher of the study, Dr. Amy Moore, he no longer qualifies as ADHD. In other words, if he were to try and enter the study today, he would not qualify! Kip also experienced a number of behavioral changes: “I started to notice that I was acting better. I was doing my schoolwork a lot better. I got a job, actually.” Great job, Kip! We are so proud of the changes you’ve made and the choices you’ll have following your brain training program with LearningRx!

See the whole story at Fox 21 News Colorado Springs

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