After Her Kids Saw Big Changes, Mom went Through LearningRx to Help with Memory and Brain Fog

Family reviews LearningRx experience and improvements

Name: Nick, Morgan, and Deb Swanson

LearningRx Center: Twin Cities, Minnesota

Chief Concerns: Attention, remembering to turn in assignments, reading struggles, memory issues

Real-life Improvements: less time spent studying,easier time in school, more confidence, enjoying reading

LearningRx would like to give a triple “shout out” to the Swanson family. After enrolling her son, Nick and daughter, Morgan into the LearningRx program and seeing great results for both of them, mom, Deb decided to take on a brain training program of her own. Deb enrolled her kids in the program because she noticed that Morgan was working really hard to keep up with her classmates, and Nick had struggled for years – they had tried tutoring, home programs, and more before LearningRx. Because of the great results her kids achieved – more confidence, an easier time with homework, and enjoyment of reading, Deb knew the program could help her, too. Deb says she feels like she has her memory back, and “the fog has lifted.” The great news is that Deb is able to use her improved skills in her real life, as well – they don’t just help with school, but in all areas of life! What an amazing story this family has to share. We are so proud of you, Swansons!

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