Learning Rx Mom Reviews the Cost of Concussion and Improvements Following One-on-One Brain Training

Patrick Achieves Great Gains with LearningRx Brain Training after Concussion; Grandma says “We have our Patrick Back”

Name: Patrick

LearningRx Center: Charlotte

Chief Concerns: A concussion and aneurysm on his carotid artery had cause some learning struggles, including difficulties with reading, attention and focus. He had trouble multitasking and following multistep directions.

Real-life Improvements: Strong memory and reading comprehension; confidence has soared; can multitask well; straight-A student since completing LearningRx

LearningRx would like to give a big “shout out” to Patrick, who was named a Top Three finalist in our national Student of the Year competition celebrating the top brain training results across the country.Patrick fell off a play structure and suffered a concussion and blood clot. Following his recovery, he was still struggling and remarked to his grandma that he didn’t feel like himself. Patrick not only received straight A’s since completing LearningRx, but he won the Social Studies award, completed a triathlon and was promoted to his soccer team’s captain. His grandma says that since his LearningRx program, “we have the old Patrick back.” Great job, Patrick!

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