Homework time was “WWIII”. Mom’s Complaint About Reading and Math Difficulties was Addressed at LearningRx

Harley is at Reading Level and Loves Going to School Following One-on-One Brain Training

Name: Harley

LearningRx Center: Boise

Chief Concerns: Behind her grade level in reading and math; flunking multiplication tests; homework struggles would leave her mother in tears; failed an assessment test at school

Real-life Improvements: Brought her reading up to grade level; now loves reading; can easily memorize all her math facts; no longer dealing with homework struggles; now getting B’s in “really hard math” and has moved on to geometry

LearningRx would like to give a big “shout out” to Harley, who was named a Top Three finalist in our national Student of the Year competition celebrating the top brain training results across the country. As a third grader, Harley was struggling with reading and understanding math facts. Her classmates called her “stupid” and she cried before school most days. Homework time was described as “WWIII” by her mom. Harley’s mom says she has gone from “defeated” to “passionate” about learning. Harley now loves going to school and loves reading the Little House series.We are so proud of you, Harley!

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