After complaints about memory and attention struggles, Learning Rx made a huge difference for Adult Student

President of Multimillion-Dollar Company Reviews Cost of Poor Performance vs. Cost of Brain Training for Adult Clients

Name: Eddie

LearningRx Center: Chattanooga

Chief Concerns: Weak memory, attention and processing speed; difficulty multitasking; felt frustrated; avoided certain challenging tasks

Real-life Improvements: Processing speed and memory improved significantly; was less frustrated; able to multitask; stopped avoiding challenging tasks, like sorting through emails.

LearningRx would like to give a big “shout out” to Eddie, who was named a finalist in our national Student of the Year competition celebrating the top brain training results across the country. As the president of a multimillion-dollar company, Eddie was struggling to remember names and job site information, ignore distractions, and focus on work. After his brain training program with LearningRx, Eddie’s wife has noticed that he is handling much more of his work on his own, and Eddie knows he can accomplish much more than he could before. He believes that investing in LearningRx is investing in his company, and recommends the program to any adult who wants to make their company better. He even won $100 betting someone that he could say all the Presidents forward and backward!

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