LearningRx Student no Longer Fights with Mom; Family no Longer has Complaints about Memory

Dad Reviews his Hopes for the Future: “she can make it on her own” thanks to LearningRx personal Brain Training

Name: Maleah

LearningRx Center: Fort Collins

Chief Concerns: Weak memory; struggled with math word problems; wasn’t self-motivated; would throw tantrums out of frustration

Real-life Improvements: Memory became much stronger; improved self-sufficiency, confidence and motivation; completes tasks and solves math problems on her own

LearningRx would like to give a big “shout out” to Maleah, who was named a finalist in our national Student of the Year competition celebrating the top brain training results across the country. Before LearningRx, Maleah and her parents had complaints about math and were frustrated because Maleah couldn’t remember the chores and tasks her parents would ask her to do. She and her mom were fighting a lot and it was very difficult.  In addition to feeling that school is much easier now, since completing LearningRx, Maleah has earned the “Most Teachable” award at school and she no longer gives up with attempting difficult tasks. Her mother says the family’s stress and anxiety has decreased drastically, making their relationships stronger.

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