LearningRx Mom Addresses Memory and Learning Complaints; Hailey says “brain training changed my life”

Hailey and Her Mom Review Brain Training Results from Learning Rx

Name: Hailey

LearningRx Center: Pensacola

Chief Concerns: Diagnosed with Ideological Processing Disorder caused by trauma to her brain before she was adopted causing such short-term memory that she couldn’t remember the alphabet, let alone remember sounds or three-letter words; homework would take hours; reading comprehension issues

Real-life Improvements: Large gains in reading, comprehension and confidence; does homework alone without being prompted; now reads to other kids

LearningRx would like to give a big “shout out” to Hailey who was named a finalist in our national Student of the Year competition celebrating the top brain training results across the country. Before LearningRx, Hailey was having a hard time remembering things she was asked to do, and she struggled with both homework and schoolwork. Her school wanted to put her in a special needs classroom, but she excelled with LearningRx. Hailey wants to be a teacher and now that’s she gone through personal brain training, she’s eligible to serve as a peer volunteer in the classroom to help autistic children. Hailey and her mom are very proud of how far she’s come. Her relationships with friends are better, she is remembering more, and she is no longer in danger of being placed in a special needs school. Hailey says, “you should go to LearningRx… it changed my life.”

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