Grace’s Mom Shares Improvements

Mom reviews Top 10 Improvements for 11-year-old Grace

Name: Grace

LearningRx Center: Charlotte North

Chief Concerns: Attention struggles; would blurt things out; couldn’t do math in her head; struggled to read at grade level; avoided challenging tasks; time management; not easily able to adapt to changes

Real-life Improvements: Now able to slow her racing mind and focus; increased ability to multitask; able to read longer passages and read at grade level; can now add and subtract double-digit numbers in her head; now applies herself to tackle hard tasks; better able to plan and strategize to reach goals

LearningRx would like to give a big “shout out” to Grace, whose parents actually came up with a list of 10 improvements since going through her LearningRx program. (And those are just the TOP improvements!) Check out Grace’s mom listing some of Grace’s biggest changes:

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