Mom celebrates her son’s success

Mom reviews LearningRx training and the impact on her son’s school performance

Name: Anders

LearningRx Center: Charlottesville, VA

Chief Concerns: His school would have him leave the class to complete his work because he couldn’t focus and he would disturb other students; was getting 1’s and 2’s on his report cards; difficulty focusing and staying on task; he was frequently frustrated

Real-life Improvements: He sits with his friends rather than being sent out to complete his work; much less frustration; homework is much easier; now gets 4’s and 5’s on his report cards

LearningRx would like to give a big “shout out” to 9-year-old Anders, who just completed more than nine months of training. His mother says this school year is so much better—“like night and day” compared to last year. He is much more confident, can stay on task and he has much more confidence. His mother is no longer worried that he may begin to feel ostracized from being sent away from the classroom to do his work. He’s doing his homework independently and is no longer getting “Think Time” notes sent home. Congrats on your successes, Anders. We’re proud of you!

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