11th Grader is no Longer Intimidated by Math

Delaney had complaints about math before LearningRx training

Name: Delaney

LearningRx Center: Charlottesville, VA

Chief Concerns: Would take hours to do homework; didn’t understand many math concepts; was intimidated by tests; grades were slipping; wants to go into meteorology, which has a lot of math

Real-life Improvements: Went from counting on fingers to doing multi-step math equations in her head! Big improvements in long-term math; now she makes 100s on math quizzes and math tests no longer intimidate her

LearningRx would like to give a big “shout out” to Delaney, who completed a six-month math program with LearningRx. She says she is seeing improvements in school and homework doesn’t take as long because she understands the concepts now. Delaney is no longer frustrated and actually enjoys math. She recently took the SATs and said she stayed calm and “was able to think logically” and not stress over the questions. Both Delaney and her trainer have noticed that she has much more confidence in herself and her math abilities! Meteorology school, here we come!

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