RJ from Iowa

LearningRx Review: RJ Learned to multitask and ignore distractions thanks to brain training

Name: RJ

LearningRx Center: Cedar Rapids North

Occupation: College student and Best Buy employee

RJ’s Chief Concerns: retention of information, understanding, poor motivation

RJ’s Real-Life Improvements: memory, divided attention, selective attention, processing speed, multitasking, sustained attention

LearningRx would like to give a big “shout out” to RJ, who did nearly 45 numbers of Pi in under 30 seconds for our LearningRx Pi Day Contest! RJ came to LearningRx to improve his retention of information, general understanding and poor motivation. Since completing training, his memory has improved dramatically. He can even remember things when there are outside distractions around him. It’s much easier for RJ to stay on task and at work he now makes change faster for customers at his job and is able to multitask.

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