Sisters Alex and Riley

Sisters Review their LearningRx Experience

Name: Riley and Alex

LearningRx Center: Charlottesville

Riley’s Chief Concerns: Hated reading in front of people; didn’t enjoy reading in general; didn’t understand what her teachers were talking about in class; “zoned out” in class and in tests;

Riley’s Real-life Improvements: Can read with music on because no longer distracted while reading; can understand what she’s reading, even at a fast pace; now reads for pleasure; raising her hand to volunteer to read aloud in class.

Alex’s Chief Concerns: Didn’t have a foundation of math facts; would count on her fingers; math fluency and working memory were weak; procrastinated when it came to homework; had trouble paying attention in class and when taking tests

Alex’s Real-life Improvements: Says LearningRx helped her more than ADHD medications; doesn’t “zone out” as much and if she does, she can “pull herself out;” much more confidence; helping her classmates with chemistry now; easier to complete tests within the time allotted; much better at mental math

LearningRx would like to give a big “shout out” to sisters Riley and Alex, who enrolled in LearningRx for reading struggles and math struggles, respectively. Riley graduated from the ReadRx program and Alex graduated from the MathRx program. Both saw major improvements in their learning struggles. Riley is reading for pleasure and no longer afraid to read aloud in front of a group. She’s even raising her hand in class to volunteer to read. Alex is no longer zoning out in class and find it much easier to do mental math and to complete tests within the time she is given. She’s now even helping her classmates in some classes, like chemistry! Great job, sisters! We are so proud of you.


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