Ms. Billie

LearningRx Graduate Ms. Billie Reviews Digits of Pi to Get “Payback” on her Trainer

Name: Ms. Billie

LearningRx Center: Hutchinson

Chief Concerns: memory, aging

Real-life Improvements: better memory, more confidence, not overwhelmed by tasks

LearningRx would like to give a huge “shoutout” to Ms. Billie from Hutchinson, Kansas. As the center’s very first student, Ms. Billie came in primarily for memory help. She didn’t want to “get old” and knew that her mind was not what it used to be. Following training, Ms. Billie came away with so much more! She has gained confidence in her choices and in her abilities. She does not become overwhelmed when “life” happens because she knows she is capable to handle it. Her ability to remember names (a very important skill to her as she likes to make all people feel important) has been a joy to her heart. When Ms. Billie’s center director, LeAnna, asked her to take part in the Pi Day Contest (to remember up to 30 digits of Pi), she did it in less than 24 hours and three days later, she could still recall them. Before LearningRx she felt small and incapable. Since LearningRx she feels capable and in control.

Take a peek at this video of Ms. Billie reciting her digits of Pi and getting “payback” on her trainer!

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