LearningRx makes a huge difference for Maddie and her Family

14-year-old Maddie Reviews her LearningRx Experience

Name: Maddie Nelson

LearningRx Center: Twin Cities

Chief Concerns: memory, homework struggles every night, trouble paying attention in school, easily distracted

Real-life Improvements: Maddie says it’s very easy to pay attention in school now and she gets her homework done at school so she almost never has to bring work home. She studies on her own when she needs to and she gets straight A’s! Her parents say her confidence has soared!

LearningRx would like to give a big “shout out” to Maddie Nelson, a 14-year-old who struggled to focus in school and homework would take hours. Her mother said she could tell that something “wasn’t connecting” in Maddie’s brain, making learning and homework a struggle. A cognitive assessment at LearningRx showed that Maddie struggled with weak memory and auditory and visual processing skills. She went to personal brain training four days a week and saw huge changes in her ability to focus, remember and learn. Maddie is proud to say she gets straight A’s now and her parents love seeing what a confident young woman she is.

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