2016 LearningRx Student of the Year, Louie C.

Family reviews their LearningRx experience

Name: Louie C.

LearningRx Center: Leesburg, VA

Profession: student

Chief Concerns: fear of mistakes, slow processing speed, memory

Real-life Improvements: increased confidence, trying new things, taking on new responsibilities

LearningRx would like to give a big “shout out” to the 2016 Student of the Year, Louie C. from Leesburg, VA. At 11 years old, Louie’s parents brought him in because he was often unwilling to try new things for fear of failure. They knew he had great potential and hoped to help him unlock it. As Louie progressed through his program, he gained confidence and was even able to take on new responsibilities at church. Now he isn’t afraid to try new things and his parents are eager to see where life will take him!

One Response to “2016 LearningRx Student of the Year, Louie C.”

  1. Don

    What a great guy! He was a blast to be around and what a change in his outlook on life. Hard worker–even when he didn’t really understand how it was going to help until he started to understand how it was working in real life and in the classroom. SO proud of his entire family for supporting and encouraging him!


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