Struggling Reader Lee sees Great Improvement

Dyslexic student reviews reading help from LearningRx

Name: Lee

LearningRx Center: Charlottesville, VA

Profession: student

Chief Concerns: reading difficulty, memory issues, falling behind classmates

Real-life Improvements: better reading, working independently, memory, increased confidence

LearningRx would like to give a big “shout out” to Lee. He came to LearningRx with a prior dyslexia diagnosis and as he became a teenager, he noticed that his friends were surpassing his abilities in school. A friend recommended he try LearningRx, and through the program, Lee has found that he’s able to work independently on English assignments, and that he has more confidence in school. His dad has noticed that his memory is improving, and he can remember a series of tasks now. Best of all, after 9 months of training, Lee’s IQ increased by 21 points!

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