Mary Says she’s not Ready to Retire After Brain Training

Senior adult reviews her brain training experience with LearningRx

Name: Mary

LearningRx Center: Fort Collins, CO

Profession: Insurance Agent

Chief Concerns: reading struggles, social difficulties, memory loss

Real-life Improvements: home organization, short-term and long-term memory improvement, more assertive and better work environment

LearningRx would like to give a big “shout out” to Mary, who came to LearningRx to improve her memory. Before LearningRx, she had started to shy away from social situations and traveling. As the owner of an insurance agency, Mary is at an age to retire, but she isn’t ready, thanks to LearningRx! She is entertaining in her home again and her son is no longer worried about her memory – and he’s repeating himself a lot less! Great job, Mary!

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