Wayne Becomes a Proficient Reader at 72

Senior adult addresses reading complaints with the help of LearningRx

Name: Wayne Kolstad

LearningRx Center: Woodbury, MN

Profession: Woodworker/Artist

Chief Concerns: reading, memory, traumatic brain injury

Real-life Improvements: memory, reading, longer sustained attention

LearningRx would like to give a big “shout out” to Wayne, who experienced a traumatic brain injury during his childhood that impaired his ability to read and remember. Since completing his one-on-one brain training program at LearningRx, he is reading, focusing, and paying attention better than before. Wayne says he experiences a “sense of euphoria” following his sessions, and his trainer, Brock, says that he “works harder than any other student in the center” to achieve results. Way to go, Wayne!

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